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Teaching Awareness through Puppetry (TAP) is an educational awareness program that teaches children in grades K-6 about awareness and understanding of differences. Our interactive workshops use lively, life size puppets to engage youth to help them learn important life skills and coping techniques. Our workshops include a dynamic performance followed by an interactive, inquiry based learning question and answer session where children ask and discuss in a safe environment.

The puppets break down barriers and enable students to have rich conversations and learn about a variety of issues such as anti bullying, physical differences and friendship and mental wellness strategies. The workshops and activities are designed to promote life skills and self awareness that set children up for success as they navigate the ever changing world.

Topics presented connect with the Ontario curriculum, character development traits and character virtues. Our goal is to help foster kinder, more inclusive communities by building awareness and learning together.

We are an approved partner with the Toronto District School Board.


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