Here’s what people are saying about TAP!

“It was a very good workshop which enhanced students to be more mindful and caring about people with physical needs.” Teacher, General Crerar Public School

“It was a fantastic and child appropriate ways to discuss and explore sensitive topics. We loved it! The kids loved it! We want you to come every year.” Teacher, Paul Penna Dowtown Jewish Day School

“Very engaging, children were given time to ask and answer questions. Thanks for Coming! Puppets are a good size; dialogue was clear, using puppets a good medium. Very engaging, loved the large colourful puppets.” Teachers, CE Webster Public School

“The workshop was an amazing opportunity for our students to discuss inclusion and conflict resolution in a safe and non-judgemental environment. It generated very thoughtful questions and discussions”. Teacher, General Crerar Public School

“The play’s message on how to deal with bullying and the importance of telling an adult complements the work being done in school. The message of inclusion, that we are all the same, is another theme that we share and promote. The questions from the students showed their interest and developing knowledge of how to deal with bullying and how to be a better friend. We appreciate you bringing your puppet play and your valuable messages to our school, especially ones that so closely mirror the program at R.H. McGregor Elementary School.” Acting Principal, R.H. McGregor School

“The kids really enjoyed the presentation. Thanks again!” Drama Teacher, Clairlea Public School

“It was very eye opening for some of my students. Well done! It was a simple and great approach to accepting differences and inclusion”. Teacher, General Crerar Public School

“BOOK THEM NOW! Learning about epilepsy through puppetry, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! My son and his fellow classmates were able to learn the reality of an often misinterpreted condition, in a fun, creative and engaging manner. Thank you so much, this experience has contributed to my son’s confidence around his friends.” Rafael Mejia-Ortiz, father, J.R. Wilcox Community School

“Just wanted to say that I thought the two puppet shows were terrific. The Grade 1 and 2 students were totally engaged. Epilepsy was a new concept to almost all of them, yet you presented it in a safe, non-threatening, informative and fun way….” Grade 2 teacher, Pauline Public School

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon. The children were engaged and the content was completely appropriate and suitable for our primary children. We hope to have you back next year!!!” Teacher, Dr. Roberta Bondar Public School

“Our students were very engaged – many students chose to write about this performance – they loved it.” Teacher, Scarborough Village Public School

“Great timing for each part of the presentation, questioning and reflection piece.” Teacher, Wexford Public School

“The presentation was fabulous. The children were very attentive and clearly understood the topic being presented – we will be discussing feelings and how to treat others with respect.” Teacher, Beaumonde Heights, Junior Middle School

“It was a great presentation. Explained the importance of Epilepsy and bullying. Very educational.” Teacher, Claireville Public School

“Great Presentation. It was enjoyed by all. Thank you!” Principal, Thornhill Public School

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