Becoming a Volunteer

Interested in becoming a TAP volunteer or puppeteer?

We would love to hear from you and tell you more. Please contact us at to book a time to connect. 

No experience necessary! Full training provided!

As a puppeteer you will:
Learn how to puppet
Learn lines from scripts
Learn how to answer questions asked by students
Be part of an incredible community
Make a difference
Have fun!

Is puppetry difficult to learn?
No previous experience is necessary to become a TAP puppeteer. Although any new undertaking can be challenging at first, there are many puppeteers who have never picked up a puppet before becoming involved with TAP. With time and patience, most people easily learn the skills necessary to put on an effective educational workshop.

How much time commitment is involved?
Like any worthwhile project, starting and maintaining a TAP troupe requires commitment of time and energy. Being a puppeteer for TAP is a very gratifying skill for anyone to learn. After the training sessions, puppeteers work as part of a team to perform for schools and at various other community events and conferences. Most often puppeteers perform during the day, once a week from September to the end of May.

Where do you perform?
The wonderful volunteers who deliver the TAP program are now rehearsing and performing online. 

What programs do you offer?
We have programs for students in kindergarten, grades 1-3 and 4-6. TAP’s workshops include anti-bullying techniques to help students deal with difficult situations, Mental Health and Wellness tools, Acceptance and Inclusion.  Our goal is to educate, and build awareness and acceptance to help create kinder, more inclusive communities, by working together with staff and students. Healthy discussion creates hands on experience for all involved.

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