What is the cost of a TAP workshop?
Each workshop lasts one hour and includes two topics with a rich Q & A session that follows each topic. The cost of the first workshop is $200; additional workshops are $150 each. To keep the quality of our Q & A sessions high, we ask that each workshop has in attendance fewer than 100 students. We feel that having audiences of that size allows us to reach each student with his or her question, break down barriers and create a more inclusive community for the students of the future.

Is there any opportunity to receive a subsidized TAP workshop?
Yes, we have allocated funds for schools that are wanting our program but cannot afford to cover the cost per workshop. Please contact one of our TAP Directors either Rindy Bradshaw or Kirsten Sixt for more details about this available option.

What is the best way to prepare for a TAP workshop?
Before TAP comes to your school, it would best if teachers talked to students about the topics that are going to be addressed during the workshops. We encourage students to bring their questions or concerns to the workshops.

Are there any follow up activities available?
Each school that has our workshops will receive a folder containing follow up activities that we would encourage teachers to use in their classrooms to keep the conversations going. There are other useful links and activities on our website under Teachers Resources.

What programs do you offer?
We have programs for students in kindergarten, grades 1-3 and 4-6. TAP’s workshops are on anti-bullying techniques to help students deal with difficult situations with or without a disability. Other disability specific topics are Epilepsy and seizure first aid, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder .We are launching a new program about Mental Wellness in the Fall of 2019. Our goal is to educate, build awareness and acceptance to create a kinder, more inclusive community by working with staff and schools to promote healthy discussion.

How long is a workshop?
Each workshop usually lasts one hour with a rich Q & A session after each topic is presented. Workshops for kindergarten students only usually last half hour including the Q & A and with one topic presented. Workshops can be customized to meet schools’ particular needs and local curriculum requirements.

As a teacher, is there a benefit in having the program come to my school?
All of our programs incorporate Ontario curriculum expectations for grades 1-6. With today’s world of technology, the engaging art of puppetry combined with rich discussions helps students work through difficult situations and helps answer difficult questions in a safe and inclusive environment.

How can I find out more about TAP or book a workshop?
You can contact us at 416 964 9095 or email us info@tap-toronto.com for more information or to book a workshop.
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