TAP Workshop Results

TAP Delivers Results

TAP uses both qualitative and quantitative indicators to help evaluate the impact and success of the TAP program.

Pre and Post Presentation Indicators

Evaluating the impact of the TAP program is an ongoing priority. At the beginning of each workshop, the audience is asked for a show of hands in response to key questions which are designed to fit each workshop. At the end of the question and answer period, we circle back to see how knowledge has changed. Often 100% of the audience has changed their view of the abilities of people who may be different.

All of our workshops engage students and remind them that we may all be different on the outside, but inside we are the same. We all have a heart and want to have friends and be accepted for who we are. Teaching Awareness through Puppetry workshops are designed to help students challenge their perceptions of people with disabilities and to open their minds to the possibilities of doing things differently even if you are in a wheelchair or if you use a walker.

We also conduct written pre and post written measurements to help understand the impact of the TAP program.

Quantitative Indicators

Over the past 3 years, TAP has reached close to 10,000 students, with our message of awareness and acceptance of one another.

Qualitative Indicators

Teachers fill out a satisfaction survey after every workshop. In this way, we receive immediate, relevant feedback about the workshop. Success indicators include a good rating of the workshop and relevance to their teaching material and goals. This is where we also find out what teachers and educators would like to see changed or added to the TAP program.

Each Q&A session in the workshop is part of our qualitative success indicators. We track the number of questions asked and the types of questions in order to assess the level of engagement and learning of the audience. Students are asked to come up with their own strategies for inclusion and acceptance in order to heighten learning. This time often provides invaluable insight into the impact of the program.

Through our website, we continue to monitor and track questions that students submit online. Students have a chance to “ask our puppets a question” online, providing them with an avenue to continue learning even after the workshop is complete. The discussion of awareness and understanding never ends. Questions are always encouraged, supported and answered. This is where TAP excels!

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