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TAP’s interactive workshops help young children learn important life skills and coping techniques. Our lively professional puppetry, using life size table top puppets, helps students learn to be aware of differences and accept people for who they are. Workshops incorporate a variety of topics including: disabilities, medical conditions and social issues to help children learn about acceptance. The workshops are designed for students in grades K, 1-3 and grades 4-6. Workshops are tailored for each age group in order to maximize learning and impact.

TAP’s highly-trained puppeteers travel across Toronto and the G.T.A. to deliver lively, scripted educational workshops. Through the magic of tabletop puppetry, our puppeteers encourage interaction between the audience and the puppets in a safe and fun environment. Each workshop includes a puppet script and an interactive question and answer period between the puppets and the students. Questions are answered in an open and supportive way. Our puppets help to break down barriers and enable students to discuss sensitive issues such as: anti-bullying, physical differences, medical conditions, mental health awareness, self esteem and friendship strategies. A workshop may specialize and focus on a single topic or it may include more than one scenario.

Workshops vary in length depending on the age of the audience in attendance and the size. Timing ranges from half hour to a maximum of an hour. Audiences can be large (up to 100), standard (up to 60) or for the most impactful educational experience, intimate (less than 30).

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Our Program:
• Includes elements of the grades K-6 Ontario Curriculum Expectations
• Informs and addresses myths, misconceptions and stereotypes about various disabilities, medical conditions, social issues and daily life challenges
• Provides support and encouragement to students and educators
• Provides support and encouragement to students with a disability
• Provides a link to other resources in the community

Please contact us for more information. Simply call 416-964-9095 or email us at info@tap-toronto.com.
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