The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, like many other organizations, challenged us. To combat this challenge, we began creating and posting short and fun youtube skits of our puppets. Whether they be dealing with and learning the struggles of the pandemic, learning about friendship strategies, or just having fun, our Tune in with TAP episodes were posted frequently on our Youtube channel. Click below to see some Tune in with TAP!

Tune in with TAP

Teaching Mindfulness through Puppetry is a new endeavor for 2023! Working with puppeteer Biljana Karadzic, we learn about mindfulness, deep breathing, understanding the importance of being mindful, as well as many other things! Click below to learn all about Teaching Mindfulness through Puppetry!

Teaching Mindfulness through Puppetry

Conversations that Help us Learn, along with Tune in with TAP, is another pandemic-brought project! Partnering with experts and friends alike, the TAP puppets learned about topics such as Racism, Diversity, Friendship, and Feelings. Click below to view our Conversations that Help us Learn!

Conversations that Help us Learn