Celebrating Differences

Every child is unique and has their own interests and abilities. Studies show that students are more successful when they feel included and part of a community. TAP’s Celebrating Differences Workshops are designed to help students build awareness and understanding of differences and different abilities in themselves and others. 

Key Messages:

  1. Everyone has different interests and abilities
  2. A person who uses a wheelchair, braces or crutches is able to anything they would like to do, they just do it in a different way
  3. A person living with a medical condition or a disability like: epilepsy, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, spina bifida or autism spectrum disorder wants to be treated just like everyone else, with respect
  4. Medical conditions or disabilities affect everyone differently
  5. A person living with a medical condition or disability can play sports, have friends, get good grades at school as long as they work hard, just like everyone else

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies & The Arts

TDSB Character Traits: Empathy, Fairness, Cooperation, Kindness & Caring, Teamwork, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility

TCDSB Virtue Traits: Forgiveness, Courage, Compassion, Gratitude