script synopsis

Lisasaurus Rex
Synopsis: Tara and Lise are meeting on zoom to discuss their dinosaur project that they are to work on together for school. Tara is excited about the makers that she is going to use for her part of the project. Lise tells Tara that she wants to use the green marker and that Tara can’t. Lise begins to bully Tara, and calls her names. Tara gets upset with Lise and leaves the conversation. Lise is left wth the project and asks a friend Jason to help her. Through their conversation, she realizes that she has been mean and insensitive towards Tara. Tara comes back to the conversations and Lise apologizes for her mistake. Tara and Lise talk about what happened and are really glad that they are friends again.
Audience: Grades KD-3

Hockey Heroes
Synopsis: Marcus came back from the corner store where he just bought new hockey cards with the money he saved from babysitting. Simon joins Marcus on a zoom call just to chat after school and sees that Marcus is examining his collection of hockey cards. Simon wants to start a hockey card collection too and feels Marcus should give him his Sidney Crosby card. Marcus needs it for the trade show. Simon gets angry, calls him names and decides to post something mean about Marcus on social media. Marcus is surprised by Simon and is really not too sure why he is choosing to do this. Marcus gets upset & Simon leaves the conversation. Marcus asks Tara to join as he needs help. Tara joins and hears that Marcus and Simon are not getting along and helps Marcus decide how to cope with a someone who calls you names & is a bully. Together they discuss a plan to help Marcus learn how to stand up for himself and to get help when needed.
Audience: Grades 4-6

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