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Ask me a question button Hello there, My name is Dog! I am so excited and thankful that I am going on an adventure with my friends.  My friends are so important to me and I want to make sure everyone is included. I really enjoy being there for my friends, especially when they need it! I am a very faithful & loyal friend. What kind of friend are you?


Ask me a question button  Hi, my name is Polar Bear.  I am very excited about going on this adventure in the forest. I have never gone on such an adventure before so it is all new to me, which makes me nervous too. I am excited to see new things but whenever I start thinking about hiking in the forest, my stomach starts hurting. Have you ever felt two emotions excited and nervous at the same time too? Or have you ever had a stomach pain when you weren’t even sick? 


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Beaver is my name. I like to work hard and keep busy. Sometimes I get frustrated and even angry when I am interrupted from my work. I get worried when I have so much work to do. I would like to go on this adventure with my friends but I am angry because I have to finish building my home. Do you ever feel angry? What do you do when you are angry?


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Moose is the name, having fun is my game! I have been invited to go on an adventure with my friends but I am quite nervous, a bit scared and fearful about leaving my family. Sometimes I feel frozen and I can’t walk or talk. I don’t now why this is happening! Have you ever felt that way before? I find that if I talk about the way I am feeling with my friends, it helps. What helps you when you are scared?


Ask me a question button Surfing is what I would love to try! What do you like to do? My name is Squirrel. I am so excited to see new things and find different kinds of chestnuts. I am going on an adventure with my friends and I am filled with joy. What makes you happy?

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Whee! Watch out Jason Bruder is coming through! Oh no, I can’t stop! Whew, I stopped just in time. I didn’t want to miss your visit. I’m glad you’re here. My name is Jason Bruder, I am 8 years old and I was born in Kingston, Ontario. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My Dad is in the Military so he has been away a lot and we all help my Mom because we promised my Dad that we would! We really miss him.  I love dinosaurs and reading books about dinosaurs. I love when we go to the ROM; you know the museum in downtown Toronto!? I can see all of the cool dinos there.  I would love to hear from you. Send me an email and I will send one back to you!

Vanessa Montgomery-Long

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Hi! My name is Vanessa Montgomery and I just moved here from Halifax. My family has lived in a town just outside of Halifax for many generations. My mom’s company transferred her here so my dad and I packed up and here we are! I love music and playing an instrument. I am learning to love Toronto and I am enjoying all of the music concerts! But I will miss the Lunenburg Folk Festival each summer. When we moved to Toronto, we had to find new doctors and therapist because I have cerebral palsy. We also had to find a new stable for me to ride my horse! I loooovvvve horses! I horse back ride every week for therapy to help my muscles. Email me if you like music or horses! See you later!

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My name is Lise Garneau and I am an only child.  I am 9 years old and I was born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. My parents are divorced but they have joint custody; which means I live with both of them on an equal basis. My mom and dad have great jobs and they spoil me all the time. I am used to getting what I want anytime I want. Unfortunately, it does not work that way with my friends. They tell me I can be a bully sometimes, and I agree. I do not like my friends to be angry with me and I have to stop and realize that I cannot get my way all the time. I have to remember that to make a friend; I have to be a friend…I enjoy working on computers and checking out interesting websites! This one is my favourite, because it gives positive messages to kids and you can have fun at the same time.

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Hi, my name is Tara Mazumdar and I am 9 years old. I was born in North East India in a small village, but I have lived in Toronto most of my life. I live with my Mom, Dad, grandparents and younger sister, Jessie. People refer to me as a “social butterfly”. I enjoy going to parties, school functions or anywhere else there is a crowd. I am a member of the yearbook committee and nature lover’s group at my school. I play the piano, clarinet, and dream of becoming a famous pianist so that I can travel all over the world. I believe that we can be whatever we want to be when we grow up, just as long as we try our best, respect others and help our friends.

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Hello! My name is Bonnie Charbonneau and I am 8 years old. I used to live in Northern Ontario near the French River! I loved living there! My family moved to Toronto just a little while ago, so I am getting use to living in my new home here! I visit my friends in the French River a lot because it is sooo much fun! I love to fish and go on camping trips in the summer time! I also love to act, sing and dance! Oh! Did I tell you that I have Spina Bifida too!? It’s no big deal! I use braces and crutches to help me get around and sometimes I use a wheelchair if my class is going on long school trip! Right now at my new school, there are auditions for the musical, Shrek! I am so excited! I really want to play the part of Princess Fiona but I am quite nervous and not too sure I can handle the part. My friend James says he will help me with my audition, he is the greatest! – Fingers crossed! Hope I get the lead…See you at the theatre!

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Hi! My name is Lily Park and I was born in Korea. I was adopted and now live in Toronto. I am a sports nut! I love all kinds of sports; hockey, basketball, synchronized swimming, volleyball, and touch football- you name it and I love it! Oh, I‘m 8 years old and I live with my parents. I look nothing like my parents because I was adopted!  I have amazing friends that I hang with and I totally love cursive writing! I like making the big loops in the letters, it is so much fun! I have epilepsy and I write in my journal about my seizures. My doctor has asked me to keep this journal so that he can help me keep track!  Well, I gotta go; my parents are taking me to a Leaf game! Go Leafs Go!

Fatima #2

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My family came from Portugal before I was even born!  I am 9 years old and I was born right here in Toronto. I live with my mother and grandmother who keep our customs alive at home. My dad had to go to Alberta to get work but we try to talk to him at least once a week through skype! I miss him very much. I love all sports but soccer is my favourite! I play every Sunday in a league near my house. Hey, would you like to come and play too?? Silly me, I forgot to tell you my name!! My name is Fatima Santos!

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Hello there my name is Andrew Langlois! I am 7 and 3/4 years old. I have a long Canadian history as I was born and raised in Toronto. Sometimes you will get to see me when I am this age and sometimes you will get to see me when I am 11years old! Cool isn’t it? It is because I wanted you to see what I was like when I was in grade 2 and what challenges that I had then. I also wanted you to see me again in Grade 5 and see how much I have grown and what new things I can do! I also wanted to make sure everyone knew about the condition that I have called hydrocephalus and about my shunt! Just so we can be friends! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, when I play sledge hockey or any other sports I wear a helmet to protect my head. Hey, you should wear one too! See you on the rink!!


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Hello there! My name is Rachel Berkley and I am 8 years old and a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I was born in Toronto and I have always lived here. I have 3 older sisters, I am the youngest. I share a bedroom with my next oldest sister Hannah. I think recycling and looking after the planet is really important. I am in charge of recycling in our house, I help my mom and dad and sisters remember! I also like playing the piano and playing outside in our back yard. I practice the piano everyday, it makes me feel happy and more relaxed. Do you have an instrument that you like to play? Do you do your part to recycle? Let me know!

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HI there! My name is Mara Meikle and I am 11 years old. I am ready for winter. I was born in the big city of Toronto! I love to go to movies, eat popcorn and have fun with my friends! I also love to ski! I want to compete, one day, in the Paralympics games! I workout regularly to build my leg muscles and I strengthen and stretch my arm muscles too. I work with my coach who taught me how to ski almost every day! I have Spina Bifida and I usually use a wheelchair to get around. I also have a walker & braces and crutches if I need them! I have tons of assistive devices (equipment) to help me do ALL of the things that I want to do! For skiing, I race using my Track Three equipment! I go down the hill sitting in a bucket that has one ski on the bottom and then I have two poles that have a ski on the bottom… that makes three! I go around each gate so fast you can hardly see me. We get to go on ski trips with our grade 6 class- I am so excited because I am going to teach my friend John how to ski! He has never been skiing before! It is going to be an awesome day! See you on the slopes!

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Yo! My name is Jack Cooper and I am 10 ½ years old. I was born in Winnipeg and just moved here last year. You haven’t felt cold until you have been in Winnipeg in the winter! Anyhow, my Mom and my three brothers moved here since my Dad died. We live here now with my grandparents. It’s a little crowded because we have to share a bedroom but it’s nice to be altogether. I love reading comic books and playing baseball, basketball but most of all I love hockey. In 2 ½ years I’ll have my Bar Mitzvah, hey maybe you can come! I have epilepsy which means sometimes my brain messages get mixed up and I might have a seizure! Seizures can be scary to watch but as long as I have friends around to take care of me then they aren’t so bad! I also have to make sure that I get my beauty rest, take medication and eat really healthy foods! Hey! Everyone should do that too Ha!

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Hello there! The name is Simon. Simon Lau. I am the King of Jokes and I am glad you stopped by to visit me! I am 9 years old and my family came from China but I was born here in Toronto! I live with my Mom, Dad and two brothers. My two brothers, who are older than me, are always getting awesome grades in school. They work very hard at school and study all of the time. My parents try to compare me to them and no matter how hard I try, I don’t get the good grades like them. I like to think of myself as normal and try to lighten serious topics up with my jokes. I love to play hockey and road hockey with my friends. And I LOVE video games. I am always in the mood to hear great jokes. So, if you want, you can email me some of yours. You never know when I will get the chance to use them.

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Oh, hello there. My name is Marcus Taylor. I am 11 years old and I was born in Jamaica. I have tons of friends that like to spend time together. I love to collect hockey cards and I know almost every player in the NHL. My favourite player of all time is Wayne Gretzky. My parents are divorced. I live with my Mom and sister and sometimes travel with my dad when he goes away for business. My Dad works for a very large company and they have offices all over the world. We are a very close family. My sister is in university and is studying to become a Dentist, Yuck!

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Hey! I am glad you came by. I am just finishing up my homework and I would like someone to talk with. I am 10 years old and I was born right here in Toronto. My name is Russell  Walker, but my friends call me Rusty. You are my friend, so you can call me Rusty too. I got the nickname because of my hair. I am the oldest child in my family. My sisters are great and they love to watch me at my favourite pastime which is painting! I also love to draw. I hope to be a professional artist someday. Mom and Dad hope to see my paintings in a gallery too!

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My name is Raoul Garcia and I am 11 years old. I was born in Miami but my relatives came from Cuba. When I was just a little baby I was adopted by my two dads and brought to Canada. My parents and I love Toronto because it is a very nice city. We have lived here all of my life. Pretty soon I am getting braces and I’m a little worried about that! I love all kinds of sports but my favorite sport is basketball! Video or computer games are also a great way to spend time but I don’t love reading and that makes school a bummer sometimes. My friends say that I am a cool guy to hang out with and I love a great joke. Hey, do you know any good jokes? Why don’t you send one to me now!! Can’t wait!

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Hey, my name is Mohammed  Dagli but all my friends call me Moe, so you can call me Moe too! I am 11 years old and we moved here from Turkey three years ago. My Mom is a doctor and my Dad is a dentist but here they have to do other jobs until they can go back to school. I was born with cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair. Sometimes when I talk some of the kids don’t understand what I say cuz my muscles in my mouth don’t always work that well. I love reading. I have read tons of books already and I remember all the details of each book! I also love basketball, downhill skiing and playing sledge hockey. I have a brother, Achmed who is 6. Perhaps you can come to watch one of my games! See you soon!


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Hi! My name is John Plater! I am 11 years old and I have red hair and tons of freckles and even more bruises. Some people call me Carrots because I love to eat carrots- that is why my hair is red! Ha! I bruise easily because I have haemophilia. I have Severe Factor 8 haemophilia, which means I am severely AWESOME! My favourite sport is swimming and some day I’m going to beat Mark Phelps’ record. My friend Rusty and I hang out all the time. One day I’m going to be a lawyer. I can’t wait to swim and learn all about the law!!

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Hello there! My name is Bo Lim and I am 11 years old and a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I live in Toronto, Ontario my family is originally from Southeast Asia, Singapore. I have one brother, a mom, dad and a cactus plant! I really enjoy solving math problems ands cooking. I like to eat spicy foods and anything that has chicken in it! I also love listening to music especially the singer, Rihanna. It helps me to focus on my math problems. I try and exercise almost every day because my mother says it is good for me, so I run with my dad. Someday I hope to hike in the Adirondacks and go to Mt Tremblant, Quebec. I am saving money so I can go! Do you like Math? Is there a place that you would like to see? Let me know!

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Hi everyone! So great to see you! My name is Brenda Abenaki and I am 10 years old. I just move to Toronto from New Brunswick. It is a little strange getting used to such a big city. Don’t get me wrong, I like it here and I am super excited to be here, it is just that everything and everyone is so new, I have soooo much to learn! My family is a First Nation’s family. We have a lot of traditions that make us special, I am sure you do too. I miss being so close to my grandfather and grandmother but I know I will see them pretty soon. I have an older sister and a younger brother, we are a great team. I love playing outside and learning new things. My favorite hobby is baking. I make the best most delicious brownies! Maybe you like desserts too? Let me know your favourite recipe!

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Hi! My name is James Kreptner, I am 6 years old. I have brown spiky hair and lots of bruises. I get bruises because I have hemophilia. I have a mom, a dad, three sisters and two brothers! We have to buy a lot of food because we have a lot of mouths to feed! And we are all hungry…all the time! We go camping, canoeing, fishing and swimming with everyone in my family, a lot! We love being outdoors and having adventures! I also love going to swimming parks with really big huge slides. Have you been on a big slide before?

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My name is Sarah Thomas and I am 9 years old! I was born in South Africa, J’o berg to be exact. My family came here when I was very little; I guess that is why I don’t have an accent. I don’t remember much, except it was very hot in the summer! I now live with my two dads here in Toronto. They love me very much and I love them! I visit my mom every other week! I love pretty things, camping out and adventure! I want to be an oceanographer when I grow up! One of my good friends is Vanessa Montgomery-Long, who rides horses every week for therapy to help her muscles. What animals do you like?


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