Script Synopsis

Squirrel Learns Something New
Synopsis: Dog, Squirrel and Beaver are getting together to talk. They wake up Beaver who has been sleeping. Beaver normally would have been quite angry because they woke Beaver up, but over the past few weeks, Beaver has made some changes to become more mindful. Beaver has learned new ways to calm down which allow Beaver to think more clearly. Dog and Squirrel are really proud of Beaver! Squirrel feels that Squirrel doesn’t have time to be mindful in Squirrel’s day. Dog, Squirrel and Beaver talk about different tools that you can use to be mindful. Squirrel realizes that being mindful doesn’t take long to do and can be very helpful to start your day off right!
Audience: Grades KD-3

Talking Might Help
Synopsis: Polar Bear, Moose & Dog have gotten together to talk. It turns out that because we are living in new and different times, Moose has been feeling “stuck in the mud, scared and mad too!” and Polar Bear seems to have a “pain in Polar Bear’s tummy” and both aren’t too sure why? Dog, Polar Bear and Moose talk about the virus, their feelings & emotions about the virus and about school. They learn that we are all in this together & that ‘Feelings mean something, sharing our feelings might help you feel glad!’
Audience: Grades K-3

Let’s Go on an Adventure
Synopsis: Dog, Squirrel, & Beaver are all good friends and are getting together to plan an adventure together. Beaver & Squirrel explore their own feelings and thoughts about going on this adventure. Beaver has been working very hard on building a dam but is quite angry & frustrated. Squirrel is quite excited and joyful about what they might see while on this new adventure. Dog, Beaver and Squirrel talk about these feelings and they all learn that it is a natural feeling to feel angry, happy or worried- everyone has these feelings one time or another. Beaver learns how to think more clearly and gets more excited about going on the adventure by performing deep breathing exercises.
Audience: Grades KD-3

Together, We Can Do ANYTHING
Synopsis: Dog, Polar Bear & Moose are getting together to talk today since it has been quite sometime since their last chat. They talk about the way things are at school and Moose talks about a school project that Moose has been working on. Moose had been feeling scared & mad but recently Moose has made some changes. Moose talks about the changes and feels that talking has helped. Moose feels that talking is like having a ‘super power’. Polar Bear needs help in trying to feel like an hero. Dog and Moose, with the use alliteration, show Polar Bear that we are all heroes & we all have super powers, like dancing, laughing, creating or listening to music or talking.
Audience: Grades 3-6

Rainy Days Come and Go – AVAILABLE NOW!
Synopsis: Mahrokh, Tyler, MJ and Ruby all go to the same school and are friends. Tyler and MJ got together to chat online. They discuss how their friend Mahrokh has hurt her leg playing soccer. Tyler shows empathy towards Mahrokh but is frustrated with Ruby, who plays on Tylers’ Co-Ed baseball team and now is not able to play. Ruby is one of the best players on the team. Tyler doesn’t understand why Ruby isn’t playing and feels that Ruby is faking injuries and posts something on social media to express how upset he is with Ruby. Ruby is not able to play because of a mental health issue which is not something you can see like a broken bone. The four friends talk about how Tyler is dealing with what Ruby is going through. They decide to talk to Tyler and confront him. With the help of supportive friends, Tyler learns about mental health and that supporting a friend with their mental health is just as important as helping a friend with a broken bone or a different illness. Tyler has a new way of thinking about mental health, apologizes to Ruby & removes the social media post. MJ and Mahrokh help Ruby and Tyler understand that you might not always be able to tell by looking at someone what they are through on the inside so it is best to always choose kindness.
Audience: Gr 4-6

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