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Making Music Together

Synopsis: Vanessa and Sarah have just been given their instruments for music class. They are very excited and they try them out. Vanessa plays the drum and Sarah plays the tambourine. They practise for awhile and then Vanessa has to go to the bathroom. Sarah watches her leave in her wheelchair and wonders what it’s like to use one. Vanessa demonstrates how she uses her wheelchair and talks about what it is like living with cerebral palsy (CP). She tells Sarah about how she rides a horse and swims. Sarah is keen to learn how to ride a horse too, along side of Vanessa. They play their drum and tambourine some more and talk about starting a band, just like Vanessa’s father once did!
Audience: Grades KD-3

Let’s have a Virtual SLEEPOVER!
Synopsis: Fatima and Lily are excited because they are having a really fun virtual sleepover and planning a walk outside in the park with Lily’s dog, Lola! As they are getting ready, Fatima asks Lily about the steps she needs to take to keep Lily safe if she has a seizure. Lily is a person living with epilepsy. Lily reviews with Fatima the steps involved in seizure first aid. Fatima also learns about what to do during these new and different times when Lily and Fatima are wearing their masks. They tell scary stories, have tons of fun and are friends who are very kind to one another. They can’t wait for their next virtual sleepover and walk together outside in the park.
Audience: Grades KD-3

King of the Castle
Synopsis:Jack and Raoul are friends who have gotten together to chat after a great game of baseball. Jack is a person living with epilepsy and Raoul wants to make sure that Jack is safe if he has a seizure. Jack talks about what epilpesy means and what first aid steps Raoul can take if Jack has a seizure. They also talk about the steps to take during a pandemic. Raoul also notices that in Jacks backgarden, Jack and his family are building a climbing wall. Raoul can’t wait to learn from Jack how to climb that wall! Raoul is surprised to learn that Jack can do so many different things as a person living with epilepsy.
Audience: Grades 4-6

Slam Dunk for Friendship
Synopsis: Raoul is sitting trying to work on his project. Someone from his class whom Raoul doesn’t know, named Moe, comes on to the call as Moe and Raoul have to work together on a science project. Moe notices that Raoul is reading a book, ‘The Throne of Fire’ that Moe has read and loved. Moe says hi to Raoul and asks how he likes the book, but Raoul thinks Moe is not smart because he is a person who uses a wheelchair. Raoul also is having difficulty understanding what Moe is saying. But Moe is very friendly and persistent, and Raoul gradually warms up to him. They talk about the book and then about what it’s like to be Moe and live with cerebral palsy and speech difficulties. They also talk about all of the things that Moe is capable of doing. Moe is surprised to learn that Raoul has two Dads as parents. They realize together that they are both different but yet in many ways the very same.
Audience: Grades 4-6

The Snow is Melting
Synopsis: Rachel and Jack meet online because they are working on a recycling project together for school. Their teacher has planned a unit on living things and nature, and the first lesson involves picking up the trash outside for Earth Day. As Jack is talking about recycling, he thinks out loud about what he thinks the plastic bottle could become once it is recycled. Rachel who is living with autism spectrum disorder has to leave the conversation because Jack is being too noisy for her. Jack doesn’t understand why she had to leave nor what he did wrong to make her leave. Jack calls a friend, Marcus to ask for help. Marcus explains to Jack that Rachel is a person living with autism spectrum disorder and that she gets quite anxious & upset when she hears loud noises. She needs to rock back and forth to help calm herself down. Marcus is able to talk to Jack about autism spectrum disorder because he has a brother who is also living with autism spectrum disorder and he is able to explain to Jack about why she is not able to give eye contact when they talk and why she sometimes needs to go to a different place to calm down. He also assures that Rachel is not upset with him, just loud noises. Jack leaves with a better understanding & awareness of ASD and really wants to learn more and become a better friend to Rachel.
Audience: Grades KD-3

The Complex Fraction
Synopsis: Bo and Sarah are working on their math homework virtually, Sarah needs help from Bo to solve a math problem. Sarah & Bo are interrupted by a phone call from her new friend Brenda. Brenda is excited and starts talking loudly about her new classmates. Brenda is a new student and hasn’t met Bo nor does she know anything about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Bo seems increasingly agitated and cannot understand a few expressions that Brenda uses. Brenda speaks louder and louder while on this call and Bo has to leave the conversation to calm himself down. Sarah explains to Brenda that Bo is a person living with ASD. Brenda then apologizes to Bo when he returns to the conversation and she has a better understanding about what it is like living with ASD.
Audience: Grades 4-6

I am Different and so are YOU!
Synopsis: Jack and Andrew are getting together to work on math homework, virtually. While waiting for Jack to join the call, Andrew is wearing his baseball cap and is reading his comic books – which he loves! The superheroes in the comic book vow to protect all humans who are bullied or ignored just because they’re ‘different’. Andrew notices that Jack has accidentally put his math textbook into Andrew’s knapsack and he decides to be mischievous when Jack comes onto this call. When Andrew shows Jack that he has his textbook, he accidentally knocks off his baseball cap. Jack notices that Andrew has a scar on his head. This sparks a discussion about living with hydrocephalus, why Andrew has a scar on his head and how hydrocephalus affects his life. Audience : KD- grade 6

I Wanna be the Lead!

Synopsis: Bonnie is in class online with her friend, James. They start talking about the auditions for the school musical, Frozen, when they should be reading in their break out rooms online. Bonnie would like to try out for the lead role, Princess Anna, but she feels that because she uses crutches and braces and is different, she won’t be cast for the part. She plans to audition for a small role instead. Mrs Jones, their teacher, notices that they both are not doing their reading during their time online and interrupts them periodically. James and Bonnie apologize but continue talking about this audition. James reminds her about his fathers words of wisdom- people are like onions and that everyone should try to peel back the layers to really get to know who Bonnie is and why she would be so great as the lead in this musical. Together they explore what it is like living with spina bifida and discuss all the things that Bonnie CAN do rather than what she CAN’T! Audience: K-Grade 6

Hitting the Slopes!

Synopsis: Mara and Sarah are friends who are on a call talking about the exciting school ski trip that is coming up! Mara is a person living with spina bifida and uses braces and crutches to get around. Mara competes in downhill ski races with the Track 3 Association every weekend. Sarah has never skied before and is quite nervous about going on the school ski trip. They both have a great discussion and learn more about each other and about living with spina bifida. Their friendship allows them to learn, become aware and grow as individuals.

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