The TAP Story

Teaching Awareness through Puppetry’s History

TAP (formally Kids on the Block) has been operating effectively in schools in the GTA for over 30 years. TAP is the only program that builds awareness about disabilities and differences, using the engaging art of table top puppetry.

At the heart of our program are our large and colourful full length puppets. The puppets encourage students to ask questions in an open environment to deal with sensitive issues that might otherwise go unaddressed. The result is a highly effective Q&A session that delivers the program’s learning objectives. “Puppets can help break down barriers and encourage students to discuss very difficult issues…” (“Puppets talk, Children listen”, Teach Magazine, 2013).

TAP has successfully transitioned from “Kids on the Block Inc.”, an American franchise, to “Teaching Awareness through Puppetry”. All the scripts are original to TAP and have been successfully created to be more relevant and more in keeping with the Canadian marketplace. The building blocks are in place, the demand for the program is strong, and feedback is excellent.

TAP has a history of bringing together a network of specialized skills and volunteers to present an effective learning program in schools.

In 2011, TAP responded to the demand to add “Anti-Bullying” to the list of programs available in schools. Now that program is one of the key pillars of our workshops.

TAP is part of a collaborative partnership. Our partners provide information, funding, access to the community, resources in kind and expertise. Our associations with our partners make us better able to deliver a high quality informed program.

TAP became part of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) partnership program in 2014 and previous to that time, the TDSB was a sponsor of the program for over 10 years.  TAP is dedicated to helping all schools and their communities create healthy, safe, inclusive environments for all students.

TAP’s Goal

Our goal is to educate, build awareness and acceptance, and to create kinder, more inclusive school communities by working together with parents, teachers and administrators.

TAP’s Mandate

Mission : To raise awareness and understanding of differences and different abilities through lively, educational puppetry.

Vision : A more inclusive world.

Goal : To plant the seeds of acceptance and understanding, changing the behaviour of students to help create kinder, more inclusive communities.

Values: Diversity, Individuality, Courage, Patience and Understanding

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