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Bullying Awareness Week Nov 18-24th 2018

Stand up to Bullying! #Choosekind


Here are some tips that I use when someone is not treating me right- hope you find them helpful!

You have to have your WITS about you when someone isn’t treating you right!

WITS= W, I, T, S

W: Walk away! I can walk away from a situation when someone is not treating me right.

I: Ignore! I can ignore someone when they are not treating me right.

T: Tell Someone! I can tell someone like my teacher, friend, care giver, mom or dad when someone is not treating me right. I must continue to tell someone until I know that I have been heard.

S: Stand Up for Yourself! I can stand up for myself when someone is not treating me right, as I am a person who is strong, important and worthy of being heard!





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