Friendship Strategies

Every child is important and deserves to be treated fairly. We all want to have a friend and be included. Bullying can be hurtful and challenge a person’s self esteem. TAP’s Friendship Strategies Workshops are designed to help students learn about how to be a good friend and to stand up for themselves and others in order to help create kinder more inclusive communities.

Key Messages:

  1. Bullying is when someone is not being treated properly
  2. Everyone deserves to be treated properly
  3. Bullying can come in the form of physical or emotional actions
  4. People might bully because they feel scared, unhappy, jealous, excluded or unsure of themselves
  5. A bully is not always a bully
  6. It is important to stand up for yourself and others if you are being bullied

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, Social Studies & The Arts

TDSB Character Traits: Empathy, Fairness, Cooperation, Kindness & Caring, Teamwork, Respect, Honesty

TCDSB Virtue Traits: Forgiveness, Courage, Peace Making, Compassion, Gratitude.

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