Mental Wellness

Many students are experiencing a range of emotions during this unprecedented time. Good mental health and well being is paramount to students’ success now and in the future. TAP’s Mental Wellness Workshops are designed to help students identify their feelings and emotions and build tools to help strengthen their resilience and get help with they need it. These workshops help to develop individual tools boxes like identifying your emotions, mindfulness and breathing techniques. 

Key Messages:

  1. We all have feelings (grades K-6).
  2. We all experience different emotions (joy, fear, anger, shame, anxiety) (Grades K-6).
  3. Talking about your feelings might help (Grades K-6).
  4. Feelings give us information (Grades K-6).
  5. Sometimes physical sensations in your body (stomach ache, butterflies, headache, feeling frozen) can tell you something about your feelings (grades K-6).
  6. Mental Health means taking care of your mind as well as your body. (grades 4-6).
  7. Mental Health is not something you can see like a broken bone (grades 4-6).
  8. You might not always be be able to tell by looking at someone what they are going through on the inside (grades 4-6).
  9. Supporting a friend with their Mental Health is just as important as helping a friend with a broken bone or different illness (grades 4-6).
  10. Social media can cause people to feel left out or sad when friends say insensitive things (grades 4-6).
  11. Talking to someone about your emotions is really important because you can learn to cope or get support (grades 4-6).

Curriculum Connections: Health and Physical Education, Social Studies, Science & The Arts.

TDSB Character Traits: Teamwork, Empathy, Kindness, Caring, Responsibility and Perseverance.

TCDSB Virtue Traits: Courage, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion.

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